online links pertaining to Rudolf Arnheim

• “Rudolf Arnheim,” Wikipedia article
• “Rudolf Arnheim: The Little Owl on the Shoulder of Athene”
• Biography: Rudolf Arnheim
• The Intelligence of Vision: An Interview with Rudolf Arnheim
• WGBH Forum Network lecture on “The Creative Mind”
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• Diaries in the Archives of American Art
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• Rudolf Arnheim Obituary by Marvin Eisenberg
• New York Times Obituary

other links on art, design and gestalt theory

• Art, Design and Gestalt Theory
• How Form Functions: On Esthetics and Gestalt Theory
• Revisiting Gottschaldt: Embedded Figures in Art, Architecture and Design
• On Max Wertheimer and Pablo Picasso: Gestalt Theory, Cubism
and Camouflage
• Dazzle Camouflage: High Difference Camouflage

Roy R. Behrens is a writer, designer, and professor of art at the University of Northern Iowa, where he teaches graphic design and design history. He often writes about gestalt theory in relation to art and design, and for years he corresponded with Rudolf Arnheim. He recently completed two new books: CAMOUPEDIA: A Compendium of Research on Art, Architecture and Camouflage (Bobolink Books 2009), of which he is the author; and the design of a major anthology on Marguerite Wildenhain and the Bauhaus, edited by Dean and Geraldine Schwarz. He is also working on a book about the life and work of American artist and psychologist Adelbert Ames II. In 2003, he was a nominee for the National Design Awards, sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution, and 2009, he was awarded the designation of Distinguished Scholar by the University of Northern Iowa.
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Above A limited number of copies remain of Remembering Rudi, a 12-page booklet that was produced for and distributed at a memorial gathering for him at Ann Arbor, Michigan, when he died in 2007. Click here for more information.