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A periodical commonplace book, Ballast Quarterly Review was issued quarterly from 1985 to 2005. Its title was an acronym for Books Art Language Logic Ambiguity Science and Teaching, as well as a distant allusion to BLAST, the short-lived publication founded during World War I by British author P. Wyndham Lewis, a Vorticist artist and writer.

BALLAST was a pastiche of astonishing passages from books, magazines, diaries and other published writings. Put differently, it was a journal devoted to wit, the contents of which were intended to be insightful, amusing or thought provoking. 

BALLAST is now published as an online blog called The Poetry of Sight, and its current reviews are published online only.
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Jules Kirschenbaum: The Need to
Dream of Some Transcendent Meaning
Laws of Seeing
American Venus
Avant-Garde Page Design
Victor Schreckengost and 20th-Century Design
Teaching at the Bauhaus
Making Sense of Children’s Drawings
Them: A Memoir of Parents
Leonora Carrington
William Roberts: An English Cubist
Shadows of a Hand: The Drawings of Victor Hugo

The Face of Evil
Between Madness and Art
Notes on Marie Menken
Architecture of Doom
The Human Hambone
Mind in Motion
Secret Museums
Proteus: A 19th-Century Vision
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