Roy R. Behrens

Professor Emeritus

Distinguished Scholar

graphic design

William Meredith (The Writer’s Chapbook): “I remember when we were in training to be night fliers in the Navy, I learned, very strangely, that the rods of the eye perceive things at night in the corner of the eye that we can’t see straight ahead. That’s not a bad metaphor for the vision of art. You don’t stare at the mystery, but you can see things out of the corner of your eye that you weren’t supposed to see.” 

All artworks on this page are copyright © Roy R. Behrens.  They represent a wide range of years, starting in the late 1970s (there were many more than those shown here). Of the seventeen works on this page, eight were made by hand, pre-computer. Those closer to the bottom (with white backgrounds) are mostly computer-made digital prints. The originals are in public and private collections.

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