Proposed Main Street Banners
for Cedar Falls, Iowa

Posted below are the top six street banners, designed for possible future use in the Main Street area of Cedar Falls, Iowa. This project was undertaken by undergraduate students in a beginning course in graphic design at the Department of Art, University of Northern Iowa, in the spring of 2008. The project was art directed by illustrator Gary Kelley, in a course instructed by Roy R. Behrens. The order in which the banners appear below is arbitrary.
© Andrew Preis © Andrew Preis © Jamie Fisher © Ben Ostrem © Meg Vinson © Emily Beames Thanks to all the students who contributed to this project. When the winner is announced, I will post that on this website, along with other banner designs.—RB site map a community project undertaken pro bono in 2008 by graphic design students in the department of art at the university of northern iowa