Final Portfolio
BELOW ARE the instructions for preparing your final portfolio for this class. It will consist of a bound collection of paper printouts of your work from the class (final versions only). In addition, you will email me a simple PowerPoint portfolio of the final versions of all the works you made for this class (see PowerPoint page examples at the bottom of this web page).

Printed Pages
All printouts for the portfolio will be printed on 8.5 x 11 inch white stock. Or, as shown in class, larger pieces could printed on an 11 x 17 inch page, then folded in half to make an 8.5 x 11 inch page that can be folded out. If the overall work is horizontal, position it that way on the page. If it is square or vertical, position it vertically. Or, as another option, you may decide to print every page of your portfolio on an 11 x 17 inch page, and to turn in a large format portfolio.

All pages are printed on one side only, with nothing printed on the back. If printing on an 8.5 x 11 inch page, reduce each image (from your original 300 dpi print files) to fit easily in the center of the page. IMPORTANT: Reproduce each image as large as possible, but not overly large. But sure to leave at least a 3/4-inch border of white between the image and the paper’s edge.

Depending on the proportion of your poster or other work, it may not end up with equal border space around it. There’s nothing wrong with that—just center it on the page. DO NOT DISTORT YOUR WORK BY CHANGING ITS PROPORTION TO FIT THE PROPORTION OF THE PAGE.

The pages will be arranged and bound so that the images will always be on the right side of any spread, while the left page (since it’s the back of the previous one) will be blank.

Sequence of Pages
Sandwiched between the blank FRONT and BACK covers is the sequence of interior sheets. They are arranged in the following order—


• (01) Inside title page (opening page on right)
  (02) Blank back

• (03) Prob 1 Layout Analysis
  (04) Blank back

• (05) Prob 2a Audubon Bird Poster 01
  (06) Blank back

• (07) Prob 2b Audubon Bird Poster 02
  (08) Blank back

• (09) Prob 2c Audubon Bird Poster 03
  (10) Blank back

• (11) Prob 3 Page Spread for Book
  (12) Blank back

• (13) Prob 4a Branding Identity (block of stamps) 
  (14) Blank back

• (15) Prob 4b Branding Identity (currency)
  (16) Blank back

• (17) Prob 4c Branding Identity (luggage labels)  
  (18) Blank back

• (19) Prob 5a CD-ROM Package 01
  (20) Blank back

• (21) Prob 5b CD-ROM Package 02
  (22) Blank back

8.5 in
11 in ART 2030 
graphic design one | final package
This final portfolio package will be handed in at our final exam session.
If a work is square or vertical, position it vertically on the page (as shown).
If the work is horizontal, position it horizontally on the page (as shown).
8.5 in
11 in
Make Two Copies
If I were you, I would make two copies of the bound portfolio. I will not be returning the one you hand in, and it’s always wise to keep one for your own records.
The inside title page of the booklet should simply contain your name (Elvis Presley), the course title (ART 2030 Graphic Design I) and the semester and year (Fall 2017).
Each work should be quietly labeled throughout, such as Problem 1: Elvis Presley.
Binding Process
When you’ve finished all your revisions, made final printouts, and assembled the covers and sequence of pages, you’ll then need to bind them, using my own personal wire binding machine, or by taking them to a copy shop, office supply store, or other location where everything can be hole-punched and bound (wire, coil, or spiral—avoid plastic comb binding).
NOTE When handing in image files in this package, do not use screen grabs. They are insufficient size and resolution for printing on paper. They only work for non-print on-screen images.
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PowerPoint Slide Portfolio exported as a PDF
In addition to the printed portfolio, you are also required to send me a slide presentation of all works in your portfolio, made in PowerPoint but exported as a “smallest file” PDF. Below are four examples of presentation files submitted by students in previous semesters.