This is a problem in package design, combining type with imagery.

Problem Five
In Problem 5, we will design two possible packages for a hypothetical CD-ROM portfolio for the work you have completed this semester in this course. It’s “hypothetical” because, in the end, we aren’t really going to print and assemble an actual CD-ROM package. Instead, flat full-color prinouts of your package designs will simply be included (as Problem 5) in the final collection of works you submit. 



The actual size of an unfolded CD-ROM folder is 10.5 in wide by 5.125 in high. When designing your CD-ROM packages, design them at that actual size at 300 dpi. However if you print them horizontally, on 8.5 x 11 pages, they will need to be reduced to 81% so that they fit easily on that printed page. When reduced to that percentage, their printed size will be 8.5 in wide by 4.125 in high. OR, another option is to arrange all three components on a tabloid-sized page (11 x 17), and print them at full size.
CD label design 1
What is the theme of the CD-ROM package design? It has a very generic theme that could be accomplished in the widest range of styles and shape components. In brief, I am asking you to use it as an opportunity to demonstrate your skills as a graphic design—through typography, color and composition. The ways in which you could do this are all but limitless. For example, you might play off a portion of one of your course works. It may or may not have nothing to do directly with you yourself, but simply make use of imagery, colors and/or abstract shapes with which you think you can make a powerful and impressive design.
ART 2030 Sections 1 and 3
graphic design one | problem 5
CD package design 1 (outside surface)
CD package design 1 (inside surface)
CD package design 2 (outside surface)
CD package design 2 (inside surface)
CD label design 2
What text components have to appear on the CD-ROM packages? It must include your name (first and last), the name of the course (Graphic Design One), and the current semester Fall 2017).
This problem will be projected and critiqued in class on Wednesday, November 15. Revised printouts will be handed in at the end of the course as part of the final portfolio package.