john page
American printmaker
All artworks on this website are copyright © by John Page
John Page, Screen of Ocotillos (2001), brush and ink wash, 18 x 25” image, 25 x 32” frame
recent works
John Page, Good Day Dawning (2008), watercolor
John Page [above, top], Triad (2006) 10 x 9 in, watercolor. [bottom] Section (2006) 9 x 9 in, watercolor.
John Page, Discovery (1995), woodcut
John Page, Waterway (1996)
acrylic, 18 x 19” image, 24 x 27” frame
John Page, Meltwater (2000), monoprint, 20 x 16” image, 24 x 27” frame
The five acrylics on this page were painted on Rives AP stretched on a lightweight board and coated with a thin coat of white gesso. The palette had a low lip and the acrylic colors were covered with a damp cloth. The coated paper allows for some wiping off while beginning. Otherwise, just the usual way to work for outdoor conditions which can be difficult.
John Page, Sycamore Tree (1999)
acrylic, 20 x 18” image, 24 x 27” frame
John Page, The Pink Boulder (1996)
acrylic, 24 x 18” image, 32 x 25” frame
The monoprint needs are special because soon after painting it must be printed on an etching press. I had that set up at home in Green Valley. I used oil paint  with turpentine and linseed oil. The plexiglas plate was kept in a shallow box and brushes and lots of rags are needed to make the image. Then quickly, cover it and  carry safely home to print. The time for all about 1 1/2 hours.

The watercolor Split Rock is different than usual because I like a thin coat of gesso on the paper after stretching so early changes can be made. .  

On Screen of Ocotillos, the paper used has an almost invisible brown coating over the whole sheet which I make with a gelatin glue size and dry colors. This ink wash drawing was made from a 9 x12 pencil drawing of the view from the small hill just east of Proctor parking lot. It is hard to get there but provides a much better angle and when i saw the ocotillos I knew they had to be in there.

—John Page (2010)
John Page, High Water #1 (1998)
acrylic, 20 x 18” image, 24 x 27” frame
John Page, Canyon Rocks (1999)
acrylic, 20 x 17” image, 27 x 23” frame
John Page, Split Rock (1996), watercolor, 13 x 19” image, 20 x 26” frame
River Series
Selected Works
New Work
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