john page
American printmaker
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experimental watercolors
John Page, S-55 (2009), watercolor
John Page (2008), watercolor
“Soon after Mary Lou and I moved to La Posada AZ in 2005 and I set up the second bedroom for my studio, I felt it was the time and place to emphasize color in my work and choose small watercolors to fit the new circumstances. An old table we once used in our dining room was the crucial item. The light coming in from the north was also very good. I bought quite a few new tube colors, two very large brushes and a supply of high quality watercolor paper. All colors were mixed with water to make a concentrated wash and then stored in glass custard cups that stacked so they would not dry. I set the colors to be used that day out on the table. Then, with the large brushes, I began stroking color on the paper with no regard about a final product. These I treated various ways: letting strokes dry  before adding more color, letting one wet color merge with another wet one; often I first painted just water and then inserted one or more colors. I kept the  paper flat and left the studio, because there is a temptation to "mess" with those floating colors. During the years ‘06-’09 this was frequently my work for the day, but there were other studio activities going on too.

I originally thought of this as an experiment where nothing would be saved, but late in ‘06 I began to notice that some efforts were worthy of saving and what you see here are some of them. I actually numbered and signed one-hundred and fifty, but many of those have already been destroyed. On the long south wall you will see a selection of works which represent my best ones and if you notice the years when I did them you will see stages they went through from '06-'09. On the other walls I’ve hung some related larger work done during this same period.”

—John Page (October 2011) Email
John Page’s experimental watercolors (a selection of which are shown on this page) were exhibited at Posada Java at 665 South Park Centre Avenue in Green Valley AZ. The exhibition was held from October through December 2011. At right is a brief artist’s statement.
John Page (2008)
John Page, S-136 (2009), watercolor
John Page, S-86 (2009), watercolor
John Page, S-43 (2008), watercolor
John Page, S-47 (2008), watercolor
John Page, S-5 (2008), watercolor
John Page, S-116 (2008), watercolor
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