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the river series 1  2  3
The area along the Cedar River [in Cedar Falls, Iowa] had always had the most interest to me when I wanted to do some outdoor sketching. The dam and the channel of the cut-off, with its locks, the old brick broom factory, the railroad bridge beside it, these had often appeared in my work before… I decided to do more etchings [along the river] to satisfy myself that there were really lots of good themes to be had down there. 

—John Page, After Images: An Art Biography (1991)
River Series No. 1 (1966)
River Series No. 2 (1966)
River Series No. 4 (1966)
River Series No. 5 (1966)
River Series No. 6 (1966)
River Series No. 3 (1966)
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the river series 1  2  3
River Series
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