john page I remember I would prepare four plates at once and draw them at a single session, moving to a different motif as I finished each one. I would bring them home, etch and proof them in the line stage, then aquatint all four at the same time with the acid in a tray on the picnic table in the backyard… Reduction woodcuts and reduction screen prints are often done, but I have yet to see another reduction etching…

—John Page, After Images: An Art Biography (1991)
River Series No. 7 (1966)
River Series No. 8 (1966)
River Series No. 10 (1966)
River Series No. 9 (1966)
River Series No. 11 (1966)
River Series No. 12 (1966)
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the river series 1  2  3
the river series 1  2  3
River Series
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