john page I would print the whole edition with yellow ochre or burnt sienna… After that I scraped the plate to smooth the aquatint where I wanted the first color to show, and printed with my second color… Following that, I would scrape the plate again, print with a different color and continue until the image was done.

—John Page, After Images: An Art Biography  (1991)
River Series No. 13 (1966)
River Series No. 14 (1966)
River Series No. 15 (1966)
River Series No. 17 (1966)
River Series No. 16 (1966)
River Series No. 18 (1966)
River Series No. 19 (1966)
River Series No. 20 (1966)
All artworks on this website are copyright © by John Page. Complete sets of all 20 prints from the River Series are currently in the collections of the James and Meryl Hearst Center for the Arts (Cedar Falls IA), the Cedar Falls Historical Society, and the Waterloo Center for the Arts (Waterloo IA).
the river series 1  2  3
the river series 1  2  3
River Series
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