john page
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All artworks on this website are copyright © by John Page
John Page, Cascade (2001), 18 x 24 in, monoprint.
John Page, Flat Rock (2001), 17.5 x 24 in, monoprint.
John Page, High Water No. 2 (1998), 17.55 x 24 in, acrylic painting.
selected works  1 2  3
I have taken pleasure in the making of my art without a great deal of concern about how it has been received by others. My art begins with something experienced in the world I live in, and some of my efforts are more successful than others. The vision that I bring to these images owes a great deal to a multitude of artists who have gone before me, and I gladly acknowledge my debt.

—John Page, After Images: An Art Biography (1991)
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