Mudville: Designing Outdoor Signage for 
The Richardson-Jakway Historic Site
two miles south of Aurora, Iowa

funded by Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Program dedicated on March 17, 2008

a community project undertaken pro bono in 2007 by graphic design students in the department of art at the university of northern iowa Reproduced on this page are different proposals for the same introductory Mudville sign, each by a different student. Each person was also required to design the remaining signs from the entire set (not shown), using a consistent “style” throughout. © Ryan Cosgrove © Amanda Chan © Brett Borcherding © Amye McInnerney © Arleigh Scallon ©Kristyn Beckman © Greg Schreiber © Erika Anderson © Nick Diderikson © Sarah Bergeson © Jason Lefebvre © Luke Vaughn © Emily Chace © Adam Schissel © Shelby Sitzmann  All proposals had to fall within a menu of color, typographic and other signage guidelines that were provided to the class by Candy Streed of the Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Program.
Not shown on this page is the entire set of signs, designed by Shawn Hoff, that were eventually chosen for actual installation. Click here to see those.finalist.htmlshapeimage_20_link_0