I began the TRAMMEL BOXES in 2004. Small enough to fit in ones hand, I see them as containers for memory and experience, wrapped and bound in the discards of a society of excess and waste.

The materials that form these trammels are "found." The torn lining from an old jacket, or the scrim from the underbelly of a chair become tactile and visual metaphors for the invisible remnants that are inadvertently produced by our  culture: Common materials that, having outlived their usefulness, have been relegated to the trash bin.

Beauty—genuine beauty—often surprises us. It is frequently discovered in the most unexpected places, in various states of being and decay. By making my art from these leavings, I interrupt their dormancy and renew their purpose and their worth. These trammels are, to me, homages to a life of utility, for it is in the work we do that we find our own dignity and purpose.

—Mary Snyder Behrens
an ongoing series of artworks
© by Mary Snyder Behrens
Trammel Box (Home II) 2005.
Far right
Trammel Box (Gape) 2005. Trammel Box (Gift) 2004. Trammel Box (Frailty Box) 2005. Trammel Box (White Wish III) 2005. Trammel Box (Rift) 2005. Trammel Box (White Wish IX) 2006. Trammel Box (Tome) 2005. Trammel Box (White Wish VI) 2006.
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