commemorative postage stamps
designed by graphic design undergraduates at the university
of northern iowa

Pages from a booklet of fictitious postage stamps (produced in 2007) by graphic design students at the Department of Art, University of Northern Iowa. The booklet, designed by Roy R. Behrens, was published jointly by South Bear Press and Bobolink Books in April 2008.

The students who contributed to the original stamp project were Katharine Messerli, Nathan Hauser, Candice Nielsen, Zack Everman, Amelia Welsh, Jared Rogers, Samantha Boe, Amber Bush, Alyssa Mehmert, Nathan Tuenge, Beau Van Sickle, Amanda Walters, Mackenzie Schmidt, Patrick Fowler, Jennifer Vaske, Jessica Van Kamen, Amanda Sanders, and Alex Brayton. The copyright for all stamp designs belongs to the persons who designed them. All ceramic artworks shown were made by Dean and Gunnar Schwarz. The photographs of the pots were made by John Wells and Harry Baumert, and were used with their permission.

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