Final Selection

Posters for the
Waterloo Community Playhouse (WCP)
2008-2009 Season

Posted on this website are the final results of the second year in which a poster and billboard problem was given to undergraduate graphic design students in the Department of Art at the University of Northern Iowa, this time in a course called Graphic Design II, with Prof Roy R. Behrens as instructor.

Our “real world” client this year and last was the Waterloo Community Playhouse in Waterloo, Iowa, as represented by Danny Katz (Marketing / Development Director) and Donna Baumgartner (Marketing Assistant). In April 2008, the 20+ students in the class were divided into two groups, for the purpose of designing posters for seven productions in the theatre’s upcoming 2008-09 season. One group designed the posters for three of the plays (with accompanying billboards), while the second group focused on three other plays. In addition, everyone in the class designed a poster and billboard for a seventh play, titled Good Answer, which was being produced for the first time.

UNI graphic design students who participated in this year’s WCP poster project include Tiffany Batchelor, Amber Bush, Krista Cary, Shanna Floy, Patrick Fowler, Brennen Gibson, Kayla Grunder, Nathan Hauser, Samantha Hoffman, Laura Huisinga, Alyssa McMahon, Alyssa Mehmert, Katharine Messerli, Jennifer Meyer, Jorunn Musil, Jared Rogers, Mackenzie Octeva Schmidt, Rachael Thorne, Beau Van Sickle and Jodie Williams. A sincere thank you to all the students who, by doing this, contributed to the Waterloo / Cedar Falls community—in the wake of what has surely been one of the longest, most distressing Iowa winters in recent history. 

On the following web pages (which you can easily access by clicking on the titles of the plays at the top of this page) are thumbnail images of other WCP poster designs.

Click here to see the results from last year’s WCP Poster Design project, completed by other UNI graphic design students.
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Click here to see the wayfinding signs created in 2007 by UNI graphic design students for a Silos and Smokestacks historic preservation project near Aurora, Iowa (dedicated on 17 May 2008).../Jakway/home.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
Click here to see photos of another Silos and Smokestacks project undertaken by UNI graphic design students in 2005: The design of the interior of the Carrie Chapman Catt Girlhood Home and Museum near Charles City, Iowa.
Shown here are the poster, billboard and t-shirt, based on the winning design for Into the Woods by UNI design student Mackenzie Octeva Schmidt Laura Huisinga Jared Rogers Jared Rogers Alyssa McMahon Amber Bush Shanna Floy a community project undertaken pro bono in 2008 by graphic design students in the department of art at the university of northern iowa Did you know? In January 1999, 
PRINT, the New York-based graphic design magazine, published the results of an anonymous nationwide judging in which it tried to identify the country’s top twenty undergraduate students in graphic design. Among the winners were students from Yale, School of Visual Arts, Cranbrook Academy, Massachusetts College of Art—and two from the University of Northern Iowa.