Results of judging

Posters for the
Waterloo Community Playhouse (WCP)
2009-2010 Season

In April 2009, two sections of a beginning design course (600:025 Graphic Design I) in the Department of Art at the University of Northern Iowa were given the assignment of designing posters for seven stage productions for the 2009-2010 season of the Waterloo Community Playhouse in Waterloo, Iowa. We are grateful to Danny Katz, WCP Marketing and Development Director, for providing this opportunity. The course was taught by Roy R. Behrens, UNI Professor of Art.

In total, 92 poster designs were submitted to the theatre for consideration. From those, one design was chosen for each production. The seven winning posters are reproduced on this page. To view all the various posters submitted for each show, click on the titles listed below.

• Disney’s High School Musical

• Leaving Iowa

• Murder’s in the Heir

• Miracle on 34th Street

• Canterville Ghost

• Tuesdays with Morrie

• Tom, Dick and Harry
a community project undertaken pro bono in 2009 by graphic design students in the department of art at the university of northern iowa
Sarah Deppe Sarah Deppe Tadd Kennedy Leah Baryo Nicholas VanMeter Kallee Martins Jana Erickson this is the third year that UNI graphic design students have designed the posters for the WCP productions
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the t-shirts and billboards designed to accompany the posterstshirts.htmltshirts.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0shapeimage_12_link_1