Walter Hamady

The Perishable

Press Limited

A complete list of 131 letterpress books published since 1964

Walter Hamady, The Disillusioned Solipsist (1964).

Walter Samuel Hamady, Ephemeral Genesis (1965).

Robert Creeley, Words (1965).

Walter Hamady and Aris Koutroulis, Six Poems & Pictures (1965).

Walter Hamady and Aris Koutroulis, Consenting Shadows (1966).

Robert Duncan, Six Prose Pieces (1966).

Walter Hamady, Closing Flowers (1966).

Walter Hamady, The Plumfoot Poems: A Summer Sequence (1966).

Paul Blackburn, The Reardon Poems (1967).

Joel Oppenheimer, Sirventes On A Sad Occurrence (1967).

Walter Hall, Spider Poems (1967).

Walter Hamady, Plumfoot Poems (1967).

J.V. Cunningham, Aliquid Salis [Some Salt] (1967).

Robert Creeley, The Charm (1967).

Robert Creeley, Divisions & Other Early Poems (1967).

William Stafford, Eleven Untitled Poems (1968).

Mitchell Goodman, Light From Under A Bushel (1968).

John Wieners, Unhired (1968).

Denise Levertov, Three Poems (1968).

Paul Blackburn, Two New Poems (1969).

George Oppen, Alpine (1969).

Loren Eiseley, The Brown Wasps (1969).

Carl Thayler, The Drivers (1969).

Diane Wakoski, Thanking My Mother for Piano Lessons (1969).

William Stafford, Weather (1969).

Walter Hamady, Since Mary (1969).

Toby Olson, Maps (1969).

Toby Olson, Worms Into Nails (1969).

Toby Olson, The Brand (1969).

Mary Laird Hamady, This Gentle Strength We Share (1969).

Paul Blackburn, The Assassination of President McKinley (1970).

James Laughlin, The Pig (1970).

Michael Heller, Two Poems (1970).

Keith Waldrop, Songs from the Decline of the West (1970).

Paul Blackburn, Gin (1970).

S.S. Gardons, Remains (1970).

Walter S. Hamady, The Chair (1970).

Walter Hamady, One Day to Sintra & Back (1970).

Galway Kinnell, First Poems 1946-1954 (1970).

Rosemary Waldrop, Spring Is A Season And Nothing Else (1970).

Denise Levertov, A New Year’s Garland (1970).

David Kherdian, Homage to Adana (1970).

Galway Kinnell, The Shoes of Wandering (1971).

Walter S. Hamady, These Chairs (1971).

Khatchik Minasian, Five Poems (1971).

DeWayne Rail, Going Home Again (1971).

Sam Hamod, After the Funeral of Assam Hamady (1971).

J.V. Cunningham, Selected Poems (1971).

W.S. Merwin, Chinese Figures (1971).

Paul Blackburn, The Journals: Blue Mound Entries (1971).

George Economou, Poems for Self Therapy (1972).

Walter Hamady, In Sight of Blue Mounds (1972).

Mary Hamady, An Everyday Celebration (1972).

Sam Hamod, The Famous Blue Mounds Scrapbook (1972).

Robert Vas Dias, The Life of Parts (1972).

Kenneth Bernard, Two Stories (1973).

Mary Laird (Hamady), The Eggplant Skin Pants (1973).

Jerome Rothenberg, Seneca Journal I: A Poem of Beavers (1973).

William Stafford, That Other Alone (1973).

Ken Mikolowski, Thank You Call Again (1973).

Voltaire the Hamadeh [Walter Hamady], Interminable 

    Gabberjabbs (1973).

Walter Hamady, Hunkering in Wisconsin: Another Interminable

    Gabberjabb (1974).

Toby Olson, Fishing (1974).

Norman Russell, Open the Flower (1974).

Harry Lewis, Pulsars (1974).

Walter Hamady, Book No. 68 (1974).

Diane Wakoski, The Wandering Tattler (1974).

Armand Schwerner, Redspel (1974).

Walter Hamady, Thumbnailing the Hilex / Gabberjabb

    Number 3 (1974).

Walter Hamady, The Interminable Gabberjabb Volume One

    (&) Number Four (1975).

Jerome Rothenberg, A Poem to Celebrate the Spring

    & Diane Rothenberg’s Birthday (1975).

Paul Blackburn, Guillen De Pointou, His Eleven Extant

    Poems (1976).

Joel Oppenheimer, Acts (1976).

Donald Hall, Kicking the Leaves (1976).

Harry Mark Petrakis, Chapter Seven from The Hour of

    the Bell (1976).

Toby Olson, Three & One (1976).

Armand Schwerner, Triumph of the Will (1976).

Walter Hamady, Wowa’s First Book (1977).

Gilbert Sorrentino, Sulpicia Elegidia / Elegiacs of Sulpicia (1977).

Toby Olson, Doctor Miriam (1977).

Jane Augustine, Lit by the Earth’s Dark Blood (1977).

Michael Heller, Figures of Speaking (1977).

John Wilde, The Story of Jane & Joan (1977).

Laura Evans Hamady, Epiphany 1978 & Happy Birthday (1978).

Frank Rubovits, Doggerel Exchange (1978).

August Derleth, Last Light (1978).

Laurence T. Giles, Goat Cottage Dream Poems (1978).

William Stafford, Tuft by Puff (1978).

Janet Rodney / Nathaniel Tarn, The Forest (1978).

Jerome Rothenberg, B.R.M.TZ.V.H. (1979).

Walter Hamady, The Quartz Crystal History of Perry Township

     the Earliest Creation of Life (1979).

Walter Hamady, Seeds & Chairs (1979).

Laura Evans Hamady, Quotables from 1978 (1979).

Laura Evans Hamady & Friends, Why Did You Did/t? (1980).

Paul Blackburn, The Selection of Heaven (1980).

Toby Olson, Birdsongs (1980).

Conrad Hilberry, Housemarks (1980).

Arthur R. Brown, Song of the Sly Mongoose (1981).

Laura Evans Hamady & Friends, Squatting Flies (1981).

Walter Hamady, For the Hundredth Time Gabberjabb

    Number Five (1981).

Diane Wakoski, Making a Sacher Torte (1981).

Walter Hamady, Hand Papermaking: Papermaking by Hand,

    Being a Book of Suspicions (1982).

Joel Oppenheimer, Del Quien Lo Tomo :: A Suite (1982).

Laura, Micah & Samantha Hamady, Bait As In Baithoven (1983).

George Economou, Philodemos (1983).

Paul Blackburn, The Omitted Journals (1983).

Joel Oppenheimer, Notes Towards the Definition of David (1984).

John Wilde, 44 Wilde 1944 (1985).

Conrad Hilberry, Jacob’s Dancing Tune (1986).

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Kenneth Bernard, Allen Ginsberg,

    Toby Olson, Jerome Rothenberg, and Joe Oppenheimer,

    Since Man Began to Eat Himself (1986).

Walter Hamady, Eyes Touch & Change (1986).

Peter Glassgold, Hwaet! (1987).

Walter Hamady, Neopostmodrinism Dieser Rasen Ist Kein

    Hundeklo or Gabberjabb Number 6 (1988-1989).

Ann McGarrell, Flora (1990).

Walter Hamady, Of Boulders and Bolides (1991).

Toby Olson, The Pool (1991).

Walter Hamady, 1985, The Twelve Months (1992).

Clarence Major, Parking Lots (1992).

Jonathan Williams, No-No Nse-Nse (1993).

Joel Oppenheimer, New Hampshire Journal (1994).

Reeve Lindbergh, John’s Apples (1995).

Walter Hamady & Friends, Travelling / Gabberjabb No. 7


Bobby Byrd, Art in America (1997-1998).

John Wilde, WHMSSHW (What His Mother’s Son Hath

    Wrought) (1988-1989).

Richard Wiley, Whitman Sampler (1999).

Kenneth Bernard, Nullity (2000).

Walter Hamady and John Wilde, A Hamady Wilde Sampler / 

    Salutations 1995 (2001).

Toby Olson, Depression Dog (2003).

Paul Auster, Reflections on a Cardboard Box (2004).

Walter Hamady, Hunkering, the Last Gabberjabb (2006).

Walter Hamady, A Timeline of Sorts (2007-2011).


Walter Hamady on a hill overlooking his farm in Wisconsin (no date)


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