By Roy R. Behrens (2005). 7 x 5 in. 96 pp. Illustrated (including author’s “visual poems” for Gertrude Stein). Bibliography. Full-color dust jacket. ISBN 0-9713244-1-7. List price $17.95. 

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Gertrude Stein, William Cook 
and Le Corbusier Ulla Dydo (renowned Modernist scholar, author of The Language that Rises: The Voice of Gertrude Stein)—
 “[This book] jumps out at my eyes, my ears. It comes from everywhere, never drags those even blocks of print that dull the mind. Look at it, read it, let it tease you: it’s researched with all the care that keeps its sense of humor and its visual and voice delights. Travel with it, leave home, go and explore the many ways for a book to be a house for living.”

Paul Padgette (Stein expert)—
“[A] delightful little book…a high point in recent scholarship on Gertrude Stein.” A highly readable, playful and always amusing account of the long-term friendship of Stein and an Iowa-born expatriate painter named William Edwards Cook (1881-1959). It was Cook who taught Stein to drive, and it was she who introduced him to the work of the Swiss-born Modern architect, Le Corbusier. Eventually this brought about the commissioning by Cook of his Paris residence (still intact), called Villa Cook or Maison Cook. Based on unpublished letters between Cook, Stein and Alice B. Toklas.
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Guy Davenport (MacArthur Fellow)—
“This [book] is as good as topnotch Behrens gets!”— “This is a beautiful little book about William Cook, the man who taught Gertrude Stein to drive! But he was so much more and his life is presented by writer/designer Roy Behrens in this small press published book which in many ways can be called an artist’s book because of the attention to detail and style.” 
“A wonderful book, a wonderful gift!” Click below to purchase online Fred Allen—
“Before food was invented, books about cooking were unknown.”