By Roy R. Behrens (2002). 9 x 6 in. 224 pp. Illustrated (b&w). Bibliography. Softbound. Signed first edition. ISBN 0-97132-440-9. List price $22.95. Click below to see ordering options, discount price and shipping costs. FALSE COLORS:
Art, Design and
Modern Camouflage
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Harper’s Magazine—
“[This book’s goodness] lies in its freshness, its range of information, and its sound technical theories about how we see.” Widely praised, authoritative study of the military and civilian use of artists, designers and architects as camouflage experts during World Wars I and II.

Illustrated by more than one hundred photographs and drawings, it explains how strategies used to conceal animals in nature, and military equipment and personnel in wartime, rely on the very same “unit-forming factors” that artists, architects and designers use in the development of typefaces, logos, page layouts, websites, paintings, architectural structures, furniture and so on.
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“An exhilarating kaleidoscope of artists fooling around, making visual puns, tricking society, and conjuring up novel solutions.” Modernism/Modernity—
“…highly original, well-researched, and fascinating…” Graphic Impressions—
“[It is the author’s] romp through history and ideas [that] makes this book both refreshing and provocative.” Rudolf Arnheim—
“I have long admired Professor Behrens’ original research.”